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Window Break / Alert Alarm

The Window Alert / Break Alarm has been designed for use on windows and glass doors to warn against an attempt to force or break the glass.

If the unit senses a vibration that my indicate that the window is being forced, it will sound a loud 120bBs siren.

It is attached to the glass by a self adhesive sticker that also acts as a warning notice that the glass is protected.

Price: £5.49

Availability: In Stock

Model: Window Break / Alert Alarm

Type: Vibration Alarm

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Additional Information:

• For use on windows and glass doors

• 120 dBs siren

• Self Adhesive Warning Sticker

• Adjustable Sensitivity

• White colour

• 2 X AAA batteries included

• 1 year warranty






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One Alarm

Two Alarms

Four Alarms

Ten Alarms

Window Break / Alert Alarm Window Break / Alert Alarm fitted to a window Window Break Alert Alarm installed on a window

Installation and Operation

Using the double sided adhesive tape provided, mount the Window Alarm to the glass of the window or door to be protected, ensuring the surface is clean, dry and flat.

To arm the unit, position the switch located at the side of the unit to 'High' or 'Low' sensitivity as preferred. There will be a 5-7 second delay before the unit is armed.

Once set to 'Guard Mode' the siren will be activated if the glass or door is hit or knocked. The siren will sound for 45 - 48 seconds and will automatically reset after 3 - 5 seconds. The next time the alarm is activated, the siren will sound for 25 - 35 seconds.

Each time the unit is reset (i.e. the switch is moved between 'High' and 'Low' sensitivity, there will be a 5 - 7 second delay before the unit is active and will on first activation, produce a 45 - 48 second alarm.

The Window Alert Alarm may not be able to stick to windows when they are very cold. This is a feature of most lamination and problems may occur below 4 degrees Celsius.

Battery Replacement:

Slide off the battery compartment cover (located at the front of the unit).

Insert 2 X AAA batteries, noting the polarity diagram inside the battery compartment.

Replace the battery compartment cover.

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